Traveling can be an exciting adventure, but packing fashionable yet comfortable dresses can be a challenge. The key is finding versatile dresses that look stylish, feel great on, and don’t wrinkle easily.

This article will explore tips for choosing the best dresses for travel that keep you looking chic on the go.

Travel often involves living out of a suitcase for days or weeks at a time.

While it’s tempting to just throw on yoga pants for every occasion, having a few stylish dresses at the ready can make you feel put together and confident during your trip.

The key is finding fabric, silhouettes, and styles that hold up well to being stuffed in a bag. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for dresses to travel in:

Choose fabrics that resist wrinkling

Nothing ruins the polished look of a dress faster than wrinkles and creases. When shopping for travel dresses, pay attention to the fabric content.

Certain fabrics hold up extremely well and will look freshly pressed even after being packed.

The best options include:

  • Jersey knit – Jersey knit cotton, rayon, and modal have stretch and a bit of bounce back. These knits tend to skim over lumps and bumps, hiding wrinkles.
  • Microfiber – Made from ultra-fine synthetic fibers, microfiber dresses resist wrinkling and are also lightweight.
  • Polyester – Despite its reputation, polyester resists wrinkles very well. Look for 100% polyester or poly-blend dresses.
  • Tencel – This eco-friendly fabric made from wood pulp is extremely smooth and drapey. The finish inhibits wrinkling.

Subpar choices prone to wrinkling include silk, linen, and cotton sateen. While very pretty, these fabrics crease easily.

If you love the look, pack a mini steamer.

Seek out wrinkle-resistant finishes

In addition to fabric content, look for dresses specially treated to prevent wrinkling:

  • Wrinkle-resistant – These dresses have been chemically treated to repel wrinkles. They can maintain a crisp look for 8-12 hours of wear before needing to be steamed.
  • Wrinkle-free – An even higher level of treatment that allows dresses to pop back from wrinkles. They can look crisp for up to a full day or two of wear.

Both treatments help fabrics bounce back, but may result in a stiffer hand feel.

Choose versatile, packable silhouettes

The silhouette and shape of a dress impacts how packable it will be:

  • Shift dresses – Straight, boxy dresses retain their shape well when folded.
  • Wrap styles – Twist wrap dresses pack down small without losing their flattering shape.
  • Shirtdress – A shirt-style top with a skirt below packs neatly while giving you two looks in one.
  • Maxi dresses – Longer maxi dresses can elegantly double as eveningwear.
  • Sheath dresses – Streamlined sheath dresses made from stretchy wrinkle-resistant jersey fabric, like cotton jersey or ponte knit, will skirt over lumps smoothly.

Voluminous skirts, heavy fabrics like denim, and structured dresses with inner corsetry or stiff petticoats are harder to pack.

Seek out multi-use styles

Having dresses that easily transition from day to night or can be dressed up or down extends your travel wardrobe.

Smart features include:

  • Detachable belts – Add a belt to cinch the waist for dinner or remove it for a more casual look.
  • Layering – An lightweight dress with a cropped jacket or cardigan can pull double duty.
  • Convertible straps – Dresses with straps that can be worn two ways, like one shoulder or off the shoulder, offers flexibility.
  • Pockets – A dress with pockets can go from sightseeing to dinner and dancing.

Focus on fit and ease of movement

Comfort is key for travel dresses. Look for:

  • Stretchy fabric – Jersey knit cotton, modal, rayon and other fabrics with spandex or elastane will flex with your body movements.
  • Defined waist – A subtle A-line flare or belted waist creates shape without constricting.
  • Fuller skirts – Loosen knee-length, midi or maxi skirt silhouettes allow you to walk and climb steps without restriction.
  • Unlined – Lined dresses add bulk and wrinkle more easily. Opt for unlined styles.

Avoid anything too tight, restrictive or short for lots of walking and active sightseeing.

Seek subtle prints and dark colors

Packable travel dresses often come in dark neutral solids like black, navy and grey that match everything. But subtle prints can also disguise wrinkles:

  • Micro prints – Tiny overall prints hide wrinkles well. Look for small floral, dot, graphic or paisley prints.
  • Textured fabrics – Fabrics like seersucker, chambray or subdued plaids help camouflage wrinkles.
  • Muted colors – Soft muted shades of blue, green, pink or purple also hide wrinkles better than bright colors.

Care tips for wrinkle-free dresses

Proper care also prevents wrinkles. Tips include:

  • Hang dresses in the bathroom while showering to release wrinkles from the steam.
  • Fold dresses lengthwise rather than rolling and lay flat in your suitcase. Place between sheets of tissue paper.
  • Hang dresses up immediately at your destination if possible.
  • For serious wrinkling, use a mini hand-held steamer. Touch up in the morning if needed.
  • If ironing, use the steam function on polyester and synthetics. Iron cottons and linens dry.
  • Pack fabric softener sheets to keep clothes fresh.

With the right fabrics, silhouettes and care, you can maintain a fashionable, wrinkle-free dress collection for jet-setting in style.

Focus on jersey knits, polyester and stretchy fabrics in versatile A-line, wrap or shift shapes. With a few easy tips, looking polished during travel is a breeze.

How to carry fashion and style together while travelling?

When traveling, looking stylish on-the-go requires strategy. Carefully choosing versatile pieces, utilizing packing techniques to minimize wrinkles, and implementing simple styling tricks keeps your fashion fresh during your travels.

  • Multi-wear outfits – Opt for pieces in wrinkle-resistant fabrics that transition seamlessly from day to night. A jersey dress you can dress up with jewelry and jackets works for sightseeing or dinner. Swap out sandals for heels.
  • Wrinkle-proofing – Use folding and packing methods that minimize creases. Roll rather than fold delicate fabrics before packing cubes. Lay tissue paper between clothing layers. Hang items in steamy bathrooms to release wrinkles.
  • Easy-care fabrics – Fabrics like merino wool, polyester blends, and jersey knit are naturally wrinkle-resistant. Alternatively, treat cottons and linens with wrinkle-free sprays.
  • Smart layers – Add lightweight layers over basic tanks and tees. Cardigans, printed scarves, and even a statement necklace change up your look.
  • Styling tricks – Use accessories like belts, hair accessories, jewelry and makeup for an instant style update. A bold lip and updo make you look put-together.

With the right fabrics and some simple styling tricks, you can maintain your style sensibility and look fashionable during any travel adventure.

Recommended Fabrics for Travel Dresses

Here is a table on fashionable and comfortable dresses for traveling:

Jersey knitStretchy, wrinkle resistant, skims body
MicrofiberLightweight, smooth, resists wrinkles
PolyesterWrinkle resistant, drapes well
TencelSmooth fabric, wrinkle resistant
Wrinkle-resistant treatedTreated to resist wrinkles
Wrinkle-free treatedExtra treated to bounce back from wrinkles

This table summarizes the best fabric options for travel dresses that resist wrinkles and retain their shape even after packing.

The stretchy nature of jersey knit, the smooth and lightweight microfiber, the wrinkle resistance of polyester, and the smooth drape of Tencel make them ideal choices.

Wrinkle-resistant and wrinkle-free fabric treatments also help clothes recover and resist creases during travel.

Fashion Essentials which make you both stylish and comfortable while travelling

Packing fashionably for a trip while staying light requires focusing on versatile essentials in fabrics that resist wrinkles and provide both comfort and style.

By choosing multi-wear pieces and utilizing wrinkle-proofing techniques, you can assemble a chic, travel-friendly capsule wardrobe.

Multi-Use Core Pieces

Start with 2-3 dresses in jersey, polyester blends or other wrinkle-free fabrics that can be dressed up or down.

A belted shirtdress worn open as a top or belted over pants adapts. Don’t forget a LBD. Also pack non-iron merino or microfiber tee shirts to pair with everything.


Black ponte pants provide a polished silhouette with stretch for comfort. Dark wash jeans retain shape when folded inside packing cubes. Leggings in moisture-wicking performance fabrics layer comfortably underneath dresses or tunics.


Roll rather than fold delicate fabrics before packing cubes. Lay tissue between clothing layers. Hang items in steamy bathroom while showering to release wrinkles. Seek out wrinkle-free treated garments.

Versatile Layers

A denim or leather jacket dresses up basic tees and tanks. Printed scarves add visual interest and wardrobe versatility. Oversized sunglasses and structured hats like fedoras instantly elevate plain outfits.


Pack comfortable sneakers for walking, loafers for versatility, and sandals to complement dresses and skirts. Heels are optional for evenings out. Add a stylish bag like a crossbody or clutch instead.

With the right mix focused on multi-wear potential and wrinkle-resistant fabrics, you can stay light and look stylishly pulled together for any travel adventure.

Quotes About Style and Travel

“One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.”

Henry Miller

This quote reminds us that travel is about perspective. Finding dresses that keep you looking and feeling stylish on your journey can enhance that new outlook.

FAQs About Travel Dresses

What is the best fabric for travel dresses?

Jersey knit, microfiber, polyester, and Tencel are fabrics that resist wrinkles well. Avoid silk, linen, and cotton sateen which crease more easily.

Which dress silhouettes pack the best?

Shift dresses, wrap dresses, shirtdresses and sheath dresses made from stretchy fabrics pack down well and recover their shape. Avoid voluminous skirts and stiff fabrics.

How do you care for dresses when traveling to prevent wrinkling?

Hang dresses in the bathroom for the steam, fold lengthwise in tissue paper inside your suitcase, and steam or iron right away at your destination.

Should you choose dark or light colors for packable dresses?

Dark neutrals like black, navy and grey hide wrinkles more easily than light colors. But muted prints and softened shades of purple, blue, pink or green can also disguise wrinkles.

What features make dresses more versatile for travel?

Detachable belts, layering options, convertible straps, and pockets allow you more styling possibilities from a single dress.

In summary, with the right fabrics, some clever styling tricks, and proper care, having fashionable dresses for travel is easy. Focus on jersey knits, wrinkle-resistant fabrics, versatile silhouettes, and dark neutrals for a polished jet-setting wardrobe.